Mineral ADITIZOL paints are characterized by extraordinary thermal insulation and protection properties. It is a stable and durable water dispersion of specific binders with closed spherical fillers (microspheres).

The significant properties of ADITIZOL paints are achieved using ideal thermal insulation properties of ‘local vacuum’, using polymers with a low level of heat transfer as a binder and forming a high thermal resistance in the boundary layer of polymeric filler. Together, they produce a synergistic effect and provide the thermal insulation and protection properties of the ADITIZOL series paints.

Excellent adhesive and physical and mechanical properties 

Excellent adhesion and physical and mechanical properties are typical for all ADITIZOL paints. Creating the zones of ‘local vacuum’ is achieved by spherical fillers (microspheres) of different dimensions and nature in the role of the functional component.

The ADITIZOL series paint is a quality modern platform for building and industrial practice.

Operating temperature after applying ADITIZOL BASIC paint is from -40 °С to +200 °С and from -40 °С to +130 °С for ADITIZOL OPEN paint.

ADITIZOL paints demonstrated high efficiency in both construction and addressing the issue of providing insulation and protection of pipelines and stop valves of utilities. Use of a liquid ADITIZOL composition allows for a formation of a thermal insulating layer on the surface of any configuration or complexity. Excellent adhesion properties and elasticity of the material provide resistance against vibrations, mechanical impact and thermal expansion.

Competitive advantage of ADITIZOL paints

An important competitive advantage of ADITIZOL paints, in comparison with traditional materials, is also its surface impermeability against atmospheric water and its protection against the effects of aggressive external influences, vapour, salt fog and condensation.

Using ADITIZOL paints allows continuous visual monitoring and diagnostics in plants with increased risk of accidents, long-distance and local pipeline distribution grids, gas pipelines, etc.

A positive property of the ADITIZOL series paints is the possibility to perform local repairs to damaged parts without dismantling and replacement large sections of thermal insulation structures.

Simplicity, fast application and ease of work are the actual benefit of this paint. Paint application technology while applying it on any surface is easily accessible. 

ADITIZOL paint is produced in the following modifications BASIC and OPEN:

ADITIZOL BASIC – liquid, water-dilutable paint for thermal insulation and protection of metal, plastic and other surfaces with operating temperature from -40 °С to +200 °С. It acts as a vapour barrier.

ADITIZOL BASIC is suitable for the insulation of hot and cold water piping, fixtures of utilities, boilers, pipelines, telecommunication cabinets, air-conditioning systems, industrial equipment for various purposes, as well as specific products and structures, containers, etc. It is highly effective in insulation in walls, ceilings, metal buildings and metal building roofs.

It is effective against the formation of ice and surface condensation of water vapour, in dealing with the issues of thermal bridges, and against the subsequent formation of mould using this simple technique.

It is stable and provides high adherence to metals without surface corrosion and to building materials. When atmospheric changes occur, it is permanent, it is non-flammable and non-toxic. 

It is applied on the outer and inner surfaces of structures of buildings and industrial facilities.

ADITIZOL OPEN – liquid, water-dilutable, high diffusion (vapour permeable) paint, it is intended specifically for the construction industry for thermal insulation and protection of plastered, concrete, brick, wood and other surfaces of external and internal structures of constructions and buildings, including the reconstruction of varied demanding historical architecture.

Using ADITIZOL OPEN paint in construction exteriors and interiors enables you to maintain virtually unchanged shape, volume and expression of the construction surface and living space, not increase the load on building structures, protect the facades with intricate architectural design, expressive plasticity of surface bossage, ornaments of prominent and listed buildings in terms of heat and humidity. It allows you to easily improve the thermal comfort in a room, significantly reduce the potential occurrence and effects of surface water vapour condensation and prevent frost penetration through walls. 

Notable properties, predetermining the use of the mineral ADITIZOL paint in external and internal surfaces, are:

ADITIZOL paints are widely used in various industries and construction:

ADITIZOL paints are supplied in 20-litre buckets as standard.

ADITIZOL paints do not support combustion. They are environmentally friendly, diluted with water and do not contain hygienically harmful substances.

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