Mineral ADITIZOL OPEN paint with exceptional thermal insulation and protective properties – it is intended specifically for the construction industry, it is used for thermal insulation and protection of plastered, concrete, brick, wood and other surfaces of external and internal structures of constructions and buildings, including the reconstructions of demanding varied historical architecture constructions.

Using ADITIZOL OPEN paint in construction exterior and interior enables you to maintain virtually unchanged shape, volume and expression of the construction surface and living space; the paint does not increase the load on building structures, protects the facades with intricate architectural design, expressive plasticity of surface bossage and ornaments of prominent and listed buildings (even during on-going reconstruction) in terms of heat and humidity, increases thermal comfort in a room and reduce the time and cost of construction work.

ADITIZOL OPEN has a high adhesion to virtually all known materials. Low fluidity, thixotropicity (resistance to flow) on arbitrary types of building surfaces and high vapour permeability allow to apply the paint of up to 1-mm thickness in the individual layers.

ADITIZOL OPEN is environmentally friendly and safe for human health, allowing its use at work both in the exterior and interior.

ADITIZOL OPEN is weather-proof, owning to its highly viscous composition, it is specially designed for thermal insulation and protection of vertical surfaces. The paint creates a favourable microclimate.

ADITIZOL OPEN reflects up to 90% of solar – infrared radiation. It can be tinted to the desired colour or a paint based on an aqueous dispersion may be applied to it.

Application work with ADITIZOL OPEN paint can be performed on the foundation with a temperature range from + 10 °C to + 130 °C.

Operating temperature is from - 40 °C to + 130 °C. 

Package: 20-litre plastic bucket

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