As a result of thermal bridges, inadequate parameters of internal environment, especially the high relative humidity of the internal air, unsolved construction humidity of defective structures and sharp changes in the ambient temperature, water vapour condensates in the structure and on its surface. Wet areas with plenty of nutrients and a suitable environment for the growth of organic substances harmful to health and hygiene are formed on the surface of walls. Even the surface changes, invisible to the naked eye have serious consequences. An ideal microclimate especially for the production of highly dangerous mould is created.


Mineral ADITIZOL paints are thin-film. Therefore, they can be easily applied in both a wider and a minimum range only at specific places and their surroundings to avoid thermal bridges. If the surface is damp or mould infested – the first phase is drying and treating the construction to guarantee a basic neutralization, a microbiological rehabilitation of foundation and a perfect adhesion of the paint. Then, the ADITIZOL OPEN or ADITIZOL BASIC of 1.00 to 2.00 mm thickness, according to individual needs, is applied on the structure (depending on the type of material base of masonry and interior conditions). In case of more severe humidity damage to building structures (e.g. basement), a system humidity protection (as necessary, waterproofing, injection or other measures to ensure the stability of foundation) is applied on the construction as the reconstruction plaster WTA and then ADITIZOL OPEN paint of 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm thickness, according to individual needs. ADITIZOL paints can be directly colour-pigmented in the desired shade or a water-dilutable facade paint with a diffusion by the type of the ADITIZOL primer can be applied on its last layer.


Applying the A paint increases the surface temperature of the inner surface of peripheral structure by typically up to 2 °C (depending on layer thickness). The possibility of water vapour condensation on the inner surface, i.e. wetting of plaster surfaces and formation of mould hygienically inaccessible for human stay, is significantly reduced, even excluded. The paint contains additives against mould. In terms of building and physics, the paint can be select with high permeability (diffusion) – ADITIZOL OPEN, or with a diffusion barrier – ADITIZOL BASIC.

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